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Are you thinking about taking the IELTS exam?  If you are, it’s a decision you should definitely take. Why? Because IELTS is the number one exam for millions of people around the world, and a passport to bigger and better opportunities. Why are they choosing this exam? The answer is simple: it is accepted globally by more than 9,000 organisations, including employers, educational institutions, professional bodies, governments and immigration authorities.

But before you go ahead and register for the IELTS exam, you need to consider if you are well enough prepared to take it. The reality is that it is a challenging academic test and you need a range of skills, and a good understanding of language to take it successfully. 

So what can English World Café offer you? Our expert language coaches can provide exactly the kind of IELTS preparation help you need. We offer you professional one-to-one coaching via Skype, and support built around your individual needs, enabling you to develop the key academic skills required for the exam – as well as for a successful future.

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