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Book and complete an IELTS coaching session with us – and enjoy FREE IELTS essay feedback on your Task 2 essay.

Getting feedback on your IETLS essay writing can make all the difference to your English language ability. Without feedback, how will you ever know which mistakes you’re making or even what you’re doing right?

When someone highlights what is wrong with a piece of your writing, you gain the opportunity to improve the quality of your written work. If you are willing to act on this feedback, you can then accelerate your progress and understanding of the English language.

It is also very useful to know what you are doing right! Sometimes people remember criticism from a long time ago and wrongly believe they have a problem with a particular language area (spelling perhaps – or handwriting?) when in fact it is actually fine! Knowing this can not only boost your confidence, but also free you up to concentrate on the areas that genuinely do need work.

But how can you gain access to something as useful as feedback on your IELTS essay writing? Perhaps you don’t know who to ask, and everyone is far too busy to help anyhow! What you really need is an experienced coach who has read many hundreds of IELTS essays, who will be able to give you far more valuable and constructive feedback than one of your friends.

Well now here’s your chance: we are offering a free marked Task 2 IELTS essay (up to 250 words) for each coaching session you book and complete with us before 31st July 2015. We will give you a topic to write on, and all we ask is that your essay is submitted for marking at least 3 full days before your booked session.

Book your coaching session now and claim your free IELTS essay feedback.

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